ENT Diagnostic Set Series

รหัสสินค้า : ENT001


20,000.00 ฿

25,000.00 ฿

ราคารวม 20,000.00 ฿



Product Characteristics ·

  • Ophthalmic lens is made of precisely grinded superior optical glass. Newly designed optical prism, no corneal reflex, and even lightening makes clear ophthalmoscopic image in fundus.
  • Otoscope is equipped with various size of speculum, suitable for different size of antrum auris and easy to installed in the handle. It also has illumination light source and 3 times magnifying glass. Nearly overlapping illumination optical axis and magnifying glass is suitable for further observation.
  • Nasal speculum is equipped with illumination light source and 3 times magnifying glass. After nostril is opened by supporting blade, examination of nasal cavity and simple small surgery can be conducted.
  • Illumination provided by 2 to 3 kinds of laryngeal mirror and tube of suspension is convenient for examination of mouth cavity and throat.
  • Tongue depressor can provide illumination by combining with handle, therefore can clearly examine throat.
  • Novel and beautiful handle, easy to be connected with different parts, like nasal speculum, otoscope head and ophthalmoscope head.


Structure features:

•Direct illumination and fiber optics

•Separate head and sharing battery handle

•Copper coated with chrome head and battery handle

•Disposable specula

•Rechargeable battery