Fetal Doppler

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 1. Usage

FD-800D ultrasonic fetal doppler meets the fetus daily check and routine examination at home, clinic, community and hospital.


2. Features

● Easily and convenient operate

● High-fidelity, crystal clear sound

● Earphone and speaker are feasible

● High sensitivity water-proof probe

● Display with backlight LCD

● Unique ergonomic design

● USB functions to transmit data

● Flexible menu and parameter function

● Both audio and voice alarm

● Multiple work modes


3. Technical Specification

● Ultrasound frequency: 2MHz

● Ultrasound intensity: <10mW/cm2

● Power supply: DC Ni-Mh rechargeable battery

                          AC 220/110V, 50/60Hz

● Dimension: 220mm×220mm×140mm

● Display: 65mm×50mm LCD

● FHR Measuring range: 50~240bpm

● FHR resolution: 1bpm

● FHR accuracy: ±1bpm

● Power consumption: <12W

● Printing paper size: 50mm

● Weight: 2.1Kg


4. Configuration

● Main body

● 2MHz probe

● Ni-Mh battery

● Adaptor



● 3MHz water-proof probe

● 5MHz water-proof probe

● 8MHz water-proof probe

● Printing system

● Carry box

● Trolley

● Earphone


6. FD-800 Series Difference Table

Functions FD-800D FD-800C

Doppler type Continuous Continuous

Display B/W Colour

Build-in speaker Yes Yes

Volume adjustable Yes Yes

Ni-Mh battery Yes Yes

Battery indicator Yes Yes

Audio alarm Yes Yes

Light alarm Yes Yes

FHR curve No Yes

Probe detect Yes Yes

Various work modes Yes Yes

Various display modes  No Yes

Pulse Mode Option Option