Trolley ultrasound

รหัสสินค้า : ultra004


267,000.00 ฿

320,000.00 ฿

ราคารวม 267,000.00 ฿



ยี่ห้อ : Canyearn

รุ่น : A85V

1. Windows XP based built-in lithium battery(more than 3.5 hours)

2. 15 inch medical grade LED moveable monitor(side and tilting)

3. Footswitch 

4. Four connectors with 3D reconstructure

5. Scanning depth 40mm-250mm(depends on different probes)

6. Scanning angle 20-150o ( depends on different probes)

7. Scaning model: B, 2B, 4B. B/M, M

8.  Image gray scale: 256 level gray scale

9. Output: USB 2.0, VGA, DICOM 3.0, CD/DVD(OPTION). 

10. Printer: video/laser/ink jet printer

11. Hard disk: 10GB(standard), 80GB, 250GB, 500 GB is optional,more than 100 frames snapshot

12. Image processing: Pre-seting, after-seting, dynamic range, frame rate, frame correction,line,line average, line correction,edge enhancement, density,8 TGC,4 focus ajustment,Black/White reverse, left-right reverse,up-down reverse,polarity reverse,Gray transform, contrast, brightness, Gamma correction,γ revision. Polarity reverse, 21Levels Depth Adjustment, Partial Zoom, Real time Histogram, Pseudo color.Picture in Picture(PIP)Tissue harmonic Imaging,Tissue specific imaging,

13. Cine loop: 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 frame Auto/manual cine loop

14. Frame rate; 400 fps

15. Body mark: 140 

16. Presudo color: 44

17. Application area: Abdomen, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Cardiology, Urology, Small Part

18. Focus: 4

19 Display: Date, Week, Time, Patient ID NO., Patient Name, Doctor Name, Hospital Name, Probe Model,Probe Position, Probe Frequency, Depth,

           Focus Position, Frame Rate, Gain, Acoustic output, Frame Correlation,Line Correlation,Edge Enhancement,Dynamic Range,Mode,

           Gamma Correction, Body Mark, Character Note, Measurement Values, Angle, Zoom, etc. 

20. Auto calculation

21. Probe Auto detection, 16-segment Acoustic Power output adjustment

22. Auto reports( various reports for users to choose) Automatic Diagnostic Report Browsing, saving and printing(JPG,BMP etc.)

23. Measurement and calculation

 B mode:distance, circumstance, area, volume, angle, ration,histogram,cross-section,  hip angle.

 M mode: Distance, Time, Heart Rate, Velocity, EF Slope , Small Part, Cardiology.

 Gynecology measurement:Uterus, cervix, endometrium, L/R ovary.

 Obstetric:gestation age, fetal weight, AFI;

 Cardiology:LV、LV function、LVPW, RVAWT;

 Urology:transition zone volume、bladder volume, RUV、prostate, kidney;

 Small parts:optic, thyroid, jaw and face

24. Storage: Images and cine loop can be saved. Measurement result and report can be stored.External flash stick,USB,Hard disk are available.

25. Patient information management: Diagnosis case management, report print, comment library, image output and import via USB

26. Zoom: 10 ratio: ×1.5,×2.0,×2.5,×3.0,×3.5,×4.0,×4.5,×5.0,×5.5,×6.0

27 Probes avaiable: Convex probe, linear probe, micro-convex probe, trans vaginal probe, rectum probe, visua flow probe

28 Option: printer(thermal,injection,laser,video printer etc.), Gel, printer paper.

29.3 years warranty

30.CE ,ISO 9001,ISO13485