Electrosurgical Generator เครื่องจี้ไฟฟ้า

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Electrosurgical Generator

Technical Specifications of the Five Working Modes Electrocautery: 

  • Power: 220V±22V(110V±11V), 50Hz±1Hz,
  • Operating frequency: 360~460kHz
  • Power rating: 880VA±10%

Five working modes:

  • Monopolar Cut

a) Cut (pure cut): 1W~300W( Load 500Ω),apply to the operation of any tissue.

b) Bloodless cut (Blend1): 1W~200W(Load 500Ω),apply to the surgery of any tissue, proving a good coagulation effect while cutting.


  • Monopolar Coag

d) Coagulation1(Forced Coag): 1W~150W( Load 500Ω), apply to ordinary open surgery, deep tissue coagulation layer, has excellent homeostasis effect.

e) Coagulation2(Soft Coag): 1W~120W( Load 500Ω) ,suitable for endoscopic and other fine tissue surgery with fast contact coagulation.

  • Bipolar
  • f) Bipolar coagulation: 1W~50W ( Load 100Ω), when tissue reach a good coagulation effect, output power slow down, making a good homeostasis effect.