Electronic Blood Cell Counter 8 bit

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electronic classification counter, is a count of eight computer-controlled group of two decimal figures show that counting equipment, apparatus, membrane switch keypad with eight counts, a "RESET" button to clear the reset, instruments can simultaneously display eight sets of data and the total number of pressing the "%" key instrument to display the percentage of each group the number of data. Instrument beautiful shape, the data clear, accurate and reliable count, easy to use, especially for hospitals, laboratories at all levels in the electronic differential count.



 Product Specification:    

  1. Maximum count category: 8 groups
  2. Each count range: 0 ~ 99
  3. Power: AC220±22V,50Hz±1Hz
  4. Power consumption: about 5W
  5. Weight: about 1Kg
  6. Dimension: 220 × 170 × 80 (mm)