DR Detector

รหัสสินค้า : DR001


90,000.00 ฿

120,000.00 ฿

ราคารวม 90,000.00 ฿



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Features of CCD Technologies


1)  Single CCD, large Array design, pixel matrix of 4K × 4K, 17 million pixels; spatial resolution 4.6 lp/mm, represents the highest level in the world nowadays;

2) 17 × 17 inch imaging area, fully meet the needs of clinical examination;

3)  Anti-radiation design of CCD keeps long-term consistent and reliable image quality, and significantly lowers the cost.

4)  Angell-DR has special BIN2 technology, which can easily change the spatial resolution to 4 million pixels when no need high spatial resolution, such as physical examination, so as to achieve the image meeting the clinical requirements at low does.

5)  With independent intellectual property rights, Angell developed an image acquisition and processing software of DR, which can upgrade automatically. Complying with DICOM 3.0 standard, it’s easy to process, achieve, and tele-transmit DR images, and connect with PACS /HIS system.

6)  Bring in advanced image processing technology and output high quality digital images; such as digital filtering, wavelet transformation, x-ray light source calibration, temperature, noise correction techniques. Main Functions: Imaging Part Indicator, Tissue Equalization, Filter Correction, Grayscale Transform, Window/Level Adjustment, Gamma Correction, ROI Equalization, Black/White Reversion, Image Segmentation, Mark, Enhancement, Smoothing, Sharpening, Compression, Magnification, Graphic/Text Report, Printing/Typeset.